March 22 – snow :(

Here we are a couple days into Spring with possible 8 inches more of snow coming our way by Sunday 😦

3.21.13It started to look springy a couple days ago, then the flakes started. But, I was born during the ’51 flood and it was snowing/sleeting on that day in April, so nothing has changed that much.


diet: must do better – I plan to weigh in on Monday so must eat lots of celery 🙂

organizing and cleaning house: must do better but have lots of time to work on it considering I’ll probably be shut in through Sunday at least

bought a bunch of books for 50 cents or less at salvation army – most of them I can’t sell but they are all good to read. (can’t sell them on amazon because there are already bunches of them for sale for 1 cent )


Here are a couple of fun ideas to do:


This isn’t my onion picture, but it gave me the idea to do this with garlic (picture below) – we’ll see how it goes; maybe I’ll put more garlic in, but probably too late now – too hard to cut the holes with the soil already in, but I can always make another.


Another was made – 26 cloves rather than 14:


sweater vest owls

square foot garden planting guide


food colors and book

I’ve been reading the book, The Banks of the Boyne: A Quest for a Christian Ireland (1998) by Donna Fletcher Crow. I’ve learned so much about Ireland; she is a wonderful writer. One reason I wanted to read it is to get my mind off our problems in the U.S. of A. It has helped I think.

While I was making the following picture about food colors on, I listened to an interview on CBN with Elliott Abrams who wrote the book, Tested by Zion. It would probably be good reading, but maybe I’ll read it later.

I got this food colors information somewhere and it is helpful to know what different colored foods will help us with.




FB has a page called grow food, not lawns, or something like that. The following pictures are from there – all great ideas.

flower hanger log flower planter window frame flower planter can flower pot cans flowers flower bikes flower cans on pole

Dr. Seuss day

For my Reach Out and Read volunteer job I read at a clinic today. This little boy sat through about 5 books – Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham? The man beside me said, No he does not like eggs or ham at all and told me to look up peta on the internet. It’s people for ethical treatment of animals. I told him we feel much better after eliminating most meat. I like my volunteer job but most of all I like collecting books at thrift stores to donate to the effort of making books available to children.

oregano tea

I recently found Prevention’s book on home remedies. It suggested oregano tea for relief of excess mucus. I tried this just now and am at the stage of runny nose – it works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad to find this remedy because of long-standing problem of coughing up junk. I know it’s bad to recycle mucus by swallowing, so I’m tired of spitting. So glad to know about oregano tea and I even have some oregano growing outside, but the dried from the store works too.

more snow pictures this groundhog’s day

I think this is a finch.

the kitty cat tracks – I wonder if it will eat the mouse I saw in there. I hope so.

We have a ways to go on the driveway.

I finished reading “From Mountain Man to Millionaire,” a bio on Robert Campbell. This picture is of his wife, Virginia. The more I looked at this picture the more I realized it was the same as a portrait given to my in-laws by a family member. I think there was some relation, but that will have to be figured out by someone other than me because I wouldn’t know where to start. Robert and Virginia Campbell had no grandchildren, as 10 of their 13 children died young of various diseases. The 3 remaining sons never married.

Elizabeth Edwards and a hike

I read probably more than half of Elizabeth Edward’s book – most of the first half then parts of the rest. She was just a couple years older than me and was interesting to read about her life as a family in the military – so different than most of us. She was quite a caring, nurturing person – bless her memory.

Took a lovely hike in the frigid cold today, although it wasn’t windy. Got to use the new bridge, as the old one broke and collapsed in a strong wind and flooding early last fall. I saw a woman in a wheelchair on the road wheeling herself down the road with one foot sticking out in a brace. I turned around and asked her if she wanted a ride, but she said she was on her way home and would take the bus and she said “God bless you.” I think praying more in the morning helped me to be more caring to others – may I keep it up!!