skirt to sew

skirt to sew
I wanted to go pick blueberries somewhere today but they are overly picked so I won’t make the drive. I’ve been sewing instead.

another cute idea 1 yard apron



I’ve had a can-o-worms for at least 5 years and never got the precious vermicompost out to use it. Today I put the first layer in different containers. Below are ways to use it.

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Using vermicompost
Use like compost — dig it lightly into the topsoil around your plants. In composting growing beds or preparing new beds, vermicompost generally goes about twice as far as ordinary (aerobic) compost, so use half as much. But each garden is different (and so is each gardener!) — some people have good results simply dumping large amounts of the stuff on top of their beds (6″ a year in one case), others with very little.

Vermicompost gives seedlings a really good start in life.

In pots and containers, don’t use pure vermicompost. About 25% of the growing mixture seems to be about ideal, but experiment — it might vary according to what you mix it with.

You can also use vermicompost to make “compost tea” liquid fertilizer. Mix two tablespoons of vermicompost with a litre of water and let it stand for a day, shaking it occasionally, then sprinkle under the plants. One-litre drinking water bottles make good sprinklers: drill a few small-diameter holes in the lid, point and squeeze.

For transplants, especially bare-root transplants, spray them with an even more dilute solution of “tea”, or stand them in it for awhile — it’ll help to prevent transplant shock. (Liquid seaweed solution is excellent for this.)

Don’t let the vermicompost dry out before using it — it loses a lot of its value and resists wetting. If you store it, don’t use an airtight container. It will keep for a year or more.

See Vermicomposting resources for more information.

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soap bags

Today started really early. got to skype with our missionary friends – nice to see them again.
Got e-mail from daughter that we won’t skype next weekend but she will call us at the airport on her way home : )
I made soap on this nice cool day, the longest of the year. So nice after yesterday’s totally hot hot hot day.
I’m looking how to make some soap bags and found these ideas for panty hose. I may name my soaps “Jill’s Country Soap.” Maybe I’ll enlarage a photo of my family making soap the old fashioned way – Sam’s has great deals on posters – would be interesting for my booth come August. Yesterday I bought a canopy thing since August is usually hot – thought it was $89 but it was on sale for $29!!!! Seems to be favor for me in this endeavor – not so trying to sell homeschool books on the internet. Someone wasn’t happy with what I sent them, so had to refund them; I didn’t want to sell it anyway really, so will be glad to have it back. We live and learn : O

Here’s a great idea: Recycle net bags for soap holders. I really like this idea !!! more playdough recipes

Someone on this blog went to more work to make some bar soap bags.

I may make some play dough also.

Maybe dear hubby will make me some of these weights for the canopy.

june – middle of

family reunion was terrific and we got to skype with dear daughter last evening. she will return from overseas teaching English the end of the month and here sometime in early july.

dear son climbed the peak yesterday, camped out and back down the mountain today – our adventuresome son. dear hub and i went to church, first assisted living service then the other one – both were fineo.

about pikes peak

fam reunion

It’s that time of year again; actually, every other year is family reunion time. Looking forward to seeing people I’m related to; of course with facebook I see them all the time anyway – yay for facebook!!

I’m bringing 7 presents – youngest baby, most recent 1st time ever dad, most recently married couple, couple married the longest, the ones who traveled the most distance to get there, most recent graduate and mom with the mostest children.

It will be fun in the sun, but our 2 kiddos won’t be there, missing being in the area by days or weeks. Looking forward to seeing them, though. Family is fun. We are blessed.

forks over knives

We saw the documentary last night, Forks over Knives. Lots of information, kind of a review of what we’ve already been learning and practicing. Sad that beef is promoted as necessary protein when in actual truth, it is detrimental to people and the world at large. Like the film said, if the grains presently fed to cattle and other animals were given to the hungry of the world, there would not be a hunger problem.

What really impressed me I put in the diagram below. The stomachs are all supposed to look alike, but my doodling will have to do. The point is, we need to fill our tummies with good, whole food – veggies, fruit and grains.

At our hosue we eat some salmon and although I don’t cook meat anymore (YAY!!!), we eat it once in a while – chicken or fish when we eat at Subway or Taco Bell or even Jason’s Deli (my favorite).