Daniel Fast

I didn’t last on the Daniel Fast, but it’s always good even if only 2 days ! Trying to eat veggies first in the mornings ~ to get off to a good start.

I also have The Daniel Plan and other books to read on prayer.



Christmas tree

When I started to put up our artificial tree, there was the middle part missing, so we threw it away and got a Balsam Fir at ACE Hardware. It was so nice having a live tree again.

Daniel 21 day Fast is going well – it’s been 24 hours – yay ~ ! !

kimchi and recipes

I got a daikon radish, so wanted to make Kimchi. However, it is not really necessary to have one, I found out. Here is easy vegan kimchi.

Today was 67 degrees ~ took a nice walk. Tomorrow a cold front moves in; after all it is December 🙂

I decided to start a Daniel Fast tonight ~ 21 days ~ it will be finished by Christmas ~ maybe I will look happier after doing this than in this picture 🙂 Mainly omit bread, dairy, sugar, processed foods, etc. It will be fun and good discipline. Wonder if I can go to 4 swimming classes this week. We will see.


I learned to draw this sunflower today – from youtube video

I call it Kansas sunflower because the junk board I painted is in the shape of dear old Kansas – where I am from 🙂 And it’s the state flower of Kansas ! I wonder if I can find a honey bee – I think it’s Kansas’ state insect and Cottonwood is the state tree. There are probably more – I know mule is the state animal of Missouri. A link to KS state symbols

unnamed (6).jpg

kansas sunflower