new recliner

Yay for Salvation Army and 25% off furniture. Got this wonderful recliner for $37.50 ! I wonder who will use it more, dear husband or his brother who stays with us.




Here’s part of what we ate tonight; there was also a millet/potato/veggie casserole. I love the sourdough bread, salad, hummus and raw veggies from Aldis. They have the best produce for the best price. I eat with chopsticks because when I was in Youth With a Mission outreach in Asia I learned to and bought some chopsticks in Hong Kong, which you see here in this picture. I bought 10 sets and only one has broken in all this time since 1987.


new year – happy

Best wishes for 2012!!! this is a picture we took from a train up the mountains near Leadville, CO September 2010. Beautiful area.

I’m trying to work on this puzzle and making some progress. I don’t know which picture I like best so will post them both. It’s a challenge, but I liked the word “Believe” on it and plan to make a wood back for it so that it stands up inside the window.

Also, I finished up these hats last night so will try to find someone who can use them.

Beautiful cold sunny day. We are going out soon to put up a bluebird house in the woods my husband and his brother made.

later: We went out in the woods and installed the bluebird house. Some pictures to show the occasion:

See the difference in these 2 photos. Which one looks better?


man hat

I finished this super hat called the man hat. even got chuck to model it – being autistic it’s nearly impossible to get him to wear a hat, although he used an umbrella recently in the rain. He looks rather pained to have the hat on but I was surprised he even agreed to put it on for me. yay chuck !! ! ! ! ! !

Man Hat

Size 8 needles

CO 64

Rnd 1 K1 P1
Rnd 2 K
Repeat to 7 inches ending with Rnd 1
Decrease Rnds

2 K1 P1 K1 P1 K1 P1 K1
3 K5 SSK
4 K1 P1 K1 P1 K1 P1
5 K4 SSK
6 K1 P1 K1 P1 K1
7 K3 SSK
8 K1 P1 K1 P1
9 K2 SSK
10 K1 P1 K1
11 K1 SSK
12 K1 P1
13 SSK

8 sts remain

dreary december day

Here it is – the week before Christmas – I’ve only received 4 cards in the mail and haven’t mailed any. Life is different with social media. I sorta miss the cards, but then sorta miss the people who used to send them who aren’t with us any more. I’m sure I will receive more this week.

AUTISM = (A)lways (U)nique (T)otally (I)ntelligent (S)ometimes (M)ysterious

Adjusting to having husband’s brother stay with us – he does housechores, goes on walks with us, and then he retires around 6 p.m. to start another day. He actually is quite a mellow fellow.

WWII watch cap

I’ve been in a knitting frenzy for a while. The homeless we visit at a park on Sundays snatch my knit hats up quickly. I looked for some variations in patterns and found out about the WWII watch cap. I am knitting a red one for my son for Christmas unless it turns out too small

about WWII watch caps and instructions

hope to post pictures soon

and here they are ! ! !

knitting stitch patterns

starting another one!

Thursday -I spent most the day knitting this gift for my husband – shshshshshsh – trying to keep it a secret. I made it brown and green because he’s such a tree-man – loves anything about trees and even has a degree in forestry.

I used one of the cable patterns and turned our quite well I think.
I had to be the model since my daughter is doing finals – bless her heart !

Friday’s hat

Saturday’s hat

Dear b-i-l Chuck staying with us took the last pic. I think he needs a camera for Christmas. Being autistic he is a whiz with gadgets and of course thinks in pictures. I am 2/3 through the book written by Temple Grandin. – The Way I See It (her website)

Must put the knitting away until after Christmas and maybe beyond; it is way too addicting!

tuesday – 12.20.11
I didn’t quite put the knitting away but doing much less – trying to get my snowman puzzle done and working on putting fringe on bedroom curtains.

Monday’s hat will go to the homeless:

getting organized

Today I cleaned out our walk-in closet, emptied my dresser and took it to our new area of the house. Now it seems more real – Chuck moving in with us soon and very soon, but only 4/7 of the week. We are learning more about autism every day. My husband grew up with his brother. Chuck is 5 years younger than him. I am apprehensive about having him in our living space, but now that I am get my belongings out of his soon-to-be area it seems easier.

His walk-in-closet and room: