Daniel Fast

I’m thinking of a 2 week Daniel Fast. My main reason is to lose weight but I know I would feel better too :)

Foods to eat:

all fruits

all vegetables

all whole grains

all nuts & seeds

all legumes

all quality oils

drink only water

other – soy products, vinegar, seasonings, salt, herbs & spices

Foods to avoid:

meat & animal products

all dairy

all sweeteners

all leavened bread

all refined & processed food

all deep fried foods

all solid fats


2 huge zucchinis

zuc - meThese zucchinis escaped my notice for the last however long they’ve been growing. Somehow I spotted them today. Maybe because I had my other eye surgery yesterday – a new lens in my right eye :)

But I’ll need to wear reading glasses until I get a prescription for a new pair of glasses. I don’t mind wearing glasses – the main thing is to be able to see one way or another – I want to drive for many years to come !

I have to wait a month to get new glasses – until then I can wear reading glasses – I got some at Sam’s Club today – 4 pairs. They only sell things in bulk there, but 4 pairs will be handy.

huge zucchinis


I’m in the middle of getting my cataract surgery done – next is getting the other eye done this week. Everything seems to be going okay I guess. My astigmatism is horrible. They are trying to fix it one with laser treatment during the surgery and the other will be corrected in the new lens. I will still need glasses for close up – but I’d rather have the distance vision so I can drive, after all, I’m only 64!

In the Dr office this morning I saw this cute idea for a outdoor space – so welcoming !

I also moved my aloe vera plants indoors – a challenge to find the space for them. I am putting them in smoothies one by one, so that will help. They were outside all summer and really multiplied and grew :)


We are dealing with a few issues and my husband said we will take it day by day, so I thought of this song from Godspell

Day by Day

Day by day, oh, dear Lord, three things I pray
To see thee more clearly
Love thee more dearly
Follow thee more nearly, day by day

Day by day, day by day
Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray
To see thee more clearly
Love thee more dearly
Follow thee more nearly, day by day

the original 1971 recording:

tomatoes, cucumbers and eyes

This is an interesting chain of events. There is a class in CO at the school our daughter goes to that I thought would be interesting to take. My husband said he thought I should do it. I decided I needed new glasses frames before I went there. I called the Sams’s Club optical and got an appointment for the next day, which was last Friday. He said I had the fast growing cataracts and needed to get it taken care of immediately.

I knew I had cataracts since last April. I was trying to self-take-care-of-it by eating lots of raw garlic and carrots. Apparently it wasn’t too little too late. The crazy thing is that our insurance runs out the end of September, since we are changing it over to Medicare for dear husband and so mine is changing too. I told this eye doctor that and he said, “We’ll have to hurry.” He called Mr. Wiles’ office and I made an appointment for the next Monday, which was yesterday.

Today I had the next appointment, and tomorrow the left eye will receive a new lens and a week later, the last day of September, the right eye will receive a new lens. Is this not amazing? Our God takes care of me, even though I was not going in the direction of getting these cataracts taken care of ? ? ? ?

The following is a photo I took this morning of my astigmatism situation. It shouldn’t be an hourglass shape. I will have this corrected too.

Also, worked in our garden area and found more tomatoes and cucumbers :) We also have a baby zucchini growing.