Here we go, for great directions on making Kimchi.

A few years ago, we hosted 8 Korean students going to the OneThing conference here in K.C.


Here they are plus Scott and me (2 of them had already left when this picture was taken) – they wanted to do their own cooking and made much ado about kimchi. Recently I’ve been reading how healthy it is, so plan to make it very soon. There is a better picture of them all sitting at the table which I will post if I can find it :)

Pruning Mock Orange bushes

Here are the bushes on the west side of our house. rtwhwrhn

Here is a Mock Orange flower. mock orange flower

Here are the directions on how to prune Mock Orange bushes. They are on the end of their flowering, so soon I can start pruning. We have never pruned them that I know of, or maybe my husband has a little, and we have lived here since January 10, 1993.

I was glad to have grown a few little turnips this year. jrtnrn

homemade cucumber relish with honey

I didn’t want to buy the store pickle relish with high fructose corn syrup, so I found this recipe. It’s not the same website (although a good one), but the same recipe. It made a couple more jars than the picture shows. I need to buy some pint size canning jars. cucumber relish

Also, the flowers in front are doing well, except some critter got some pansies. Also, making a raised little bed for strawberries or something in front yard.dab