oscar the great blog

Here we have a blog explaining Oscar Insurance Company I sent the info to our son.

another hat – it was supposed to have a knot thing on top, but too cumbersome for me to deal with. Little baby somewhere will like it anyway, I’m sure. I love the colors in it. Yay for thrift store yarn!


a couple more made this cool Fall day

and this hat

love this hat

a quick knit hat with flower


the next day – another one with a flower


hat finished Sunday


deer and hats

I saw a deer like this crossing our front lawn, but was too late to get a picture as it wandered away. This is not the deer I saw.


What to do a lot of the day? What to do when you can’t sleep? Knit hats! My poor hands! I do have a mark off sheet for cleaning too now. I think it will work.