1st market day

Photo-0420I enjoyed the invigorating day of the market and sold things and bought things. Looking forward to next week !


strawberry companion plants

I have a bed for strawberries and so far they are really blossoming this Spring. Someone told me that in Florida they grow onions with strawberries, but this guide I found doesn’t say that, although it doesn’t say not to plant them with strawberries either.


I see it says not to plant near the cabbage plant, but bush beans are good, so I will probably plant beans in the bed closest to the strawberries.

Went out and took some pictures – so fresh and nice after rain and will be warming up soon.

another interesting thing – wicking beds http://www.urbanfoodgarden.org/main/wicking-beds/wicking-beds.htm – the same as self-watering containers I think.

DSC08997 - Copy

I’ve been reading about keyhole gardens where you put a compost thing in the middle for your kitchen scraps, etc. and then water it through that and so here I have put the circular wire and I am adding the kitchen scraps. I will cover the compost leaves with peat moss, vermiculite and more composted compost, as in the new square foot gardening book.

DSC08998 - Copy

I don’t know what these lovely flowers are, but I’m glad they are growing so nicely. I planted some wildflower seeds here and so I will eventually find out what they are.

DSC08999 - Copy

Potato plants popping up nicely through the straw.


Meadow Sage is a winner!


Love the tulips !




back to the blog

I lost the book that had my password in it since I had changed it and so I never could get back on here, then I listened to the 700 Club show today about hoarding and decided to go through my books on the bookshelf and either list some of them on Amazon or give some away. There was my green book with my password, so here I am again.

ImageToday is the National Day of prayer. I found this prayer guide I intend to follow indefinitely. http://commit2pray.com/7×7/

Some tulips in bloom, but alas, snow is expected tonight 1-3 inches. Oh dear, the tulips can probably handle it and also anything else growing outside.

The farmer market begins tomorrow. I told the guy I would not come because of the weather and he said. that is fine, probably a wise decision. In a week the weather should be a balmy 69 degrees.


a good helping the homeless idea!