lilac and redbud time and maple seeds

The color is great !

When I saw the above picture of the redbud tree, I noticed the maple seeds. After all these years, I never even noticed the seeds came before the leaves. So I researched about maple seeds. They are edible in the Spring around this time or through the end of April. Our branches are way to high, but I found some on the ground the wind must have blown down at the park today. I tasted a seed and it was okay – they say they taste like a cross between peas and okra. I just threw the few that I had into our crock-pot soup. No one will know. Each helicopter has 1 or 2 seeds. In the fall they fly like a helicopter being designed by our Creator to fly far away from the tree. They are quite the pest in the Fall around here because they get in the gutters and we constantly have to clean them off the driveway where they land, actually not so far from the tree šŸ™‚

My wedding ring kinda shows their size


I learned to draw this sunflower today – from youtube video

I call it Kansas sunflower because the junk board I painted is in the shape of dear old Kansas – where I am from šŸ™‚ And it’s the state flower of Kansas ! I wonder if I can find a honey bee – I think it’s Kansas’ state insect and Cottonwood is the state tree. There are probably more – I know mule is the state animal of Missouri. A link to KS state symbols

unnamed (6).jpg

kansas sunflower