make surgical caps

I found a new fun activity, making surgical caps for children. This will be simple and helpful.

Here is one pattern. i heard there were 2 sizes, but this one just has one.



here a dress

there a dress; everywhere a dress dress !

Making at least 10 dresses for Zambia. A family is going back there and they love to take dresses with them. I’m happy to help.


more have been made ~ planning on finishing 20 by Sunday


a couple more makes 11

12, 13, 14

little stool

When we went to the thrift stores the other day I saw this little stool I needed to sit on to play my keyboard. Dear hubby said it looked dirty so I didn’t get it. It was only $3. I went back today and got it and made a new cover for it – I love it ! ! 🙂


more stuff

another night of not-so-good sleep – had to go to the next room because of loud mr. husband. found this 9 patch quilt I made after reading some Amish fiction.

The reason mr. husband was so loud is because he was very tired from driving early in the morning to a class and seminar and then driving back – about a 10 hour day, so I made these 3 baskets also yesterday.

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