18 aloe vera plants – oh my!

I love to put my plants out in the summer time, but when it’s time to bring them in, I have so many – what to do ? ! !

The soap recipe from Mother Earth News takes only 1-2 T., so maybe I can find some other recipes.

Or make a manly bar of soap

Here are some ways to make and use aloe vera gel.

This information from wellnessmama – To the 1 cup I add 2000 mg of Vitamin C and 1600 IU (1 tablespoon or 4 400 IU capsules) of Vitamin E. Powdered Vitamin C works well or you can crush the appropriate amount of tablets. Stir well until the vitamins are well incorporated. I stirred for a bit and then let it sit. When I came back to stir it again the Vitamin C was much easier to stir in.

My 18 plants:


aloe vera gel

I found out from this post what to do with my enormous aloe vera plant. I want to keep it but it got too cold outside and turned a funny color of green, but looks good in the center, so I thought I’d harvest a few of the longer bigger leaves (if that’s what they are called).

Don’t believe it would work to freeze the gel, so I’ll just use it as needed.

benefits of aloe vera

below is a picture of the 12 tomato plants and 4 kale plants I planted today.

Last evening I got my aloe gel – made the green smoothie soooo yummy – a pic of it –