garden update

Nice to work in the garden a bit ~ I pulled all the radishes. Yesterday I planted 5 tomato plants – 4 around the recycled blue wastebasket which I had drilled holes in on the bottom and sides to just above ground level. Then all you have to do is water in the container (after it’s filled with compost). Each plant needs 5 gallons a week, I think. Also, today I started a spiral herb garden – just need to find more bricks or rocks 🙂 I’ve always wanted one, and now must be the time !~

5.29.17memorialday 015

The plan is not to have deer jump in the fence; Scott put up green fishing line way up high and tied white little rags around on it ~ sure wanting it to work !5.29.17memorialday 013.JPG

Horseradish growing tall – not sure how big it will get, but there is a flower on top starting to form.

5.29.17memorialday 014

Last but not least, the newest key-hole garden. I just put all my old seeds in there a few weeks ago and this is what’s coming up – sunflowers or squash – we’ll have to wait & see.5.29.17memorialday 016


getting rid of stuff

I misplaced my keys more than a week ago; I am not finding them – it’s strange – hopefully they will show up somewhere or other. In the meantime, I am in getting-rid-of-stuff mode. I bought this cute wreath (on the left) 90% off at a thrift store and thought I’d replicate it, but they are both going to the thrift store.