last day of March

about April Fools Day

I always remember March 31, as this was the birthday of a friend of mine from college (way back when : )
Mine was coming up in a few days, so it was a fun time.

In the last few years I have enjoyed our daffodils and after they quit blooming, I dig some up to divide and plant in other areas around the yard. This year it snowed a few days ago, but they bounced back beautifully.

After a week or so they will be finished blooming and the tulips will be beautiful, which I planted more of this year also, so looking forward to that.

Dear daughter is home after her time in a foreign land teaching English, which she so thoroughly enjoyed, she is going back for another session until the middle of the summer. Proud of her and her cat was soooooo happy to see her, after she realized who she was : )


to colorado and back

We had a great trip to Colorado to go to see our kids in their school. Some pics:
Our daffodils are beginning to bloom. Now that we are home they are all in full bloom – beautiful!!

by Elaine Magliaro

dipped in sunlight,
dusted with gold—
brassy blossoms
trumpeting their color
in April gardens

We started driving at 2:30 p.m. and drove until about 9:30, stopping at Burlington, CO and Sloans Motel – pretty nice and I loved the colors of the room.
So many trucks.

Interesting antique buggy someone was moving. It was there when we arrived and still there when we left.

da mountains!!
me at Ute Valley Park – lovely hike and I love my Nordic pole walking.

my garden grows

At the thrift store Wednesday I found these gorgeous black garden fences. There’s still several more to use than than the picture here. I’m hoping for rain because I planted a bunch of turnips, beets and marigolds. The sedum is coming up but I wondered where the hosta plant is that always appears in the spring. I looked closer and it’s on its way. Yay!

Sedum – According to this I should have cut them back to 1 or 2 inches last fall and now is a good time to dig them up and divide them. They are starting to spread by themselves it looks like.

Hosta all about Hostas and the Japanese language

daylight savings

Tonight’s the night – up an hour earlier in the morning. ugh. I always like the fall switch over better!
Today we walked at maple woods park – was a nice day, then went to m-i-l’s house, now back to getting motivated to do something constructive cleaning-wise. I found this black and white picture in a cookbook and put it on picnik for fun times of creativity.

snoopy me

Today is a nice stay-at-home day with the snoring dog and snoozing cat. I studied Daniel 11 – wrote blog entry on and did laundry, baked some of my yummy sourdough bread, which I really enjoy. I liked the shadows of the tree on the lawn.

People have been coming and going from the vacant house next door. Yesterday I went and cut out some of the vines growing through the fence into our side. A while ago this white truck parked in the driveway and a man got out and walked around the back yard. I couldn’t read the words on the truck, so I took a picture – snoopy me!!! Evidently, they are fixing to fix up the place – it sure needs it!

Later – the house is now listed for sale – being sold as-is.