men’s necktie pillow

I found out some things you can do with neckties; I have a bunch I found at thrift store and some from my f-i-l. I am clearing out junk from our house – too much material, stuffing, material, material, material. I made a pillow today. It will probably go to the assisted living place we visit on Sundays. blessings forevermore!

ImageHere is the place we go to; there are more people on other tables. We love them all.



seasoned salt

I love this recipe – made a new batch today – actually I doubled it – so handy to  use in almost everything.

DSC09982 (2)

DSC09981 (2)p.s. I omit the sugar and use lemon black pepper instead of white.


the 8 hour diet

I seem to not be losing weight, although I haven’t weighed myself in weeks. I am probably 150 pounds or more. I’d like to be 132 pounds. I think the 8 hour diet would be good. There is the 8/8/8 diet where you drink only water for 8 hours, only liquids for 8 hours and then food for the other 8 hours. But the 8 hour diet looks good to start on, so here goes – manana – the 8 hour diet starts.


some pictures of our valentine pets 🙂