kleenex pouch tutorial

I will attempt to show how to make these. I couldn’t find directions for these; I just figured it out sometime in the middle of the night and couldn’t wait to get started.
The original kleenex pouch I found at thriftstore (outside and inside):

Photo-1290 Photo-1302

Photo-1303 For 6 pouches, cut a square 12″ X 13 1/2″
Photo-1304 Pin a thin piece of interfacing over it.

Photo-1306 Photo-1307
Sew on pieces of fabric and them press them down.
until it looks something like this.
Photo-1308 the back
Photo-1310Cut 6 pieces, each one 6″ X 4 1/4″
Photo-1311 Cut 3 of them in half the long way, not like I did it 😦
Photo-1312sew on bias tape or make or own from a strip of material – it’s easy.
Photo-1313Sew them together.
Photo-1314Trim and zig-zag around ends.
Photo-1317If you mess up, use something else πŸ™‚
Photo-1318the backs
Photo-13192 more made from a place mat I had made a few years earlier. In fact, placemats would be ideal for making these.

This is a cute way to make them:

I made some like the video said: Photo-1320

Then I went back to the first ones I made, which is really the best, most fun and quick way. I like the way they look. Photo-1323

My total is up to 54 – Yay ! ! !
I would like to figure out how to make this kind: (I don’t know from where I copied it) IMG_5951 I think it’s really cute.

This is probably it for today. Getting ready for a busy weekend.


coming soon – kleenex pouches

I am through sewing dresses until I deliver the 23 I have finished.
On to another project. Our church will have a craft fair in October to raise money for the brave missionaries we support.
I bought this one at a thrift store yesterday, giving me the idea. Photo-1290

Found this tutorial to make some.

These are quite a snap to make. I already made 2 before lunch.Photo-1291


4 more made this afternoon in about 30 minutes πŸ™‚ Photo-1298

6 more. My goal is to make 100 of these gems. Only 88 more to go ! Photo-1300

I found it much easier to make 3 or 4 at a time because you don’t have to cut the thread so much.


church and apples

First came church. We go to assisted living every Sunday and hold a service for the residents. It went well; I even got to share a devotional out of the Senior Bible. It was one Joni Erikson Tada wrote about giving and not keeping or the cistern will break.

Jeremiah 2:

7 “I brought you into a fertile land

to eat its fruit and rich produce.

But you came and defiled my land

and made my inheritance detestable.

13 β€œMy people have committed two sins:

They have forsaken me,

the spring of living water,

and have dug their own cisterns,

broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

I can’t remember everything in the devotional, but it was about letting the living water of Jesus flow through your life to others.

Next we go to our small church which hopefully will be growing. This Saturday we will have a free give-a-way extravaganza on the sidewalk – clearing out the garage sale room. I’m looking forward to it.

I finally am making applesauce from the apples my aunt gave me a couple of weeks ago. She and a friend picked them themselves from a tree.

PicMonkey Collagebfjeu


Sewing today. It can be quite habit forming, actually addicting. Keeps the mind off the horrors of world events these days. It’s always helpful to help others. Here are 3 dresses I finished today, plus a picture of a picture given to me by the people who delivered the dresses in July of 2013. Next July another bunch will go over. Someone goes over every year at least, as they do health care also.

See All God’s Children

sfdfdfs sfwbm

Another dress finished this very hot summer day. We also went to Parkville Days. Those poor vendors sitting there not selling anything it looked like anyway. We bought something – 2 nights and 3 days in Branson for 4 for only $99 plus $30 food and $80 for shows or Silver Dollar City. They are trying to advertise this way, so consider this an advertisement. It can be used any time within a year and the same offer is good for anyone who mentions they heard it from us. Quite a deal; will let you know how it was after we use it in a couple months.

more things

I started sewing again. Dresses are for All God’s Children, who take them to Zambia or send them.

I also made a few things for a craft fair in November.


I made this picture holder from an idea I found online. It is made from fabric glued to a circle cut from cardboard and painted clothespins glued to hold pictures, cards, recipes or whatever works. The painting of the clothespins was the hardest – probably spray paint would be much quicker than acrylics and brush. The hanger could be more fancy with ribbon and bows.



Next, I’m back to painting rocks. It’s time-consuming too, but nice on a day if you didn’t sleep well the night before and don’t have a whole lot else left to do. πŸ™‚




Last but definitely not least, a couple family pics. My niece in San Antonio sent me this picture of her husband in the apron I made and gave them at a wedding shower. They were married this summer. I’m glad they find it useful! fefsfv And Gordie at 3 weeks, my grand-nephew from my niece who is my other brother’s daughter πŸ™‚ < Cuteness and oneryness abounds it seems πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

another dress done and some flowers around our house (Nasturnium and Zinnia).



And one more dress for today. Photo-1271

dress of the day/cultured or baked beets and green beans

Whew, kinda hot here in the month of August; high humidity.

I made 1 dress today – put a skirt on a little girl’s shirt. It looks a little strange, but hopefully will be useful to someone someday.


I bought some beets at Farmers Market this morning. Am going to try this recipe tonight.

Cultured Beets

10 medium or 3 large beets, cooked, skins removed, chopped

3/4 c. water

1 of following: 1) 2-3 tsp. salt and 1/4 c. whey 2) 1 T salt, 3) starter – Caldwells – read their directions.

Put beets in jar and pour liquid over. Should be submerged. Ferment 3-10 days. Makes 1 quart.

This recipe came from hereΒ http://www.culturesforhealth.com/naturally-cultured-fermented-beets-recipe



Instead of doing that with these particular beets, I believe I will make this recipe:Β http://www.bhg.com/recipe/roasted-green-beans-with-beets-feta-and-walnuts/



3 more dresses, an elephant and a doll

Today was a sewing day after we visited Grandma and took a walk down by the river.

Some pics of that too πŸ™‚


Great view of the coal cars.

The big muddy MO


Dress #1


Dress #2


Dress #3 – T-shirt dress turned out pretty cute in my opinion.


The elephant was okay, but time consuming.



Same with the doll – time consuming; I couldn’t decide on which picture to post, so I’m posting them all.

I thought she needed something around the neck.