40 days, 40 sacks challenge, day 3

Cleaning out little by little – 1 bag went to thrift store today

bag bag


little stool

When we went to the thrift stores the other day I saw this little stool I needed to sit on to play my keyboard. Dear hubby said it looked dirty so I didn’t get it. It was only $3. I went back today and got it and made a new cover for it – I love it ! ! 🙂


painting rocks

I’ve enjoyed painting rocks for a few years now. At present I am aiming at painting 100 rocks to sell at craft fairs this Spring and Summer and Fall.

When we took a glorious trip to Israel in 2008 my daughter bought this T-shirt. I have been very slowly learning the Hebrew alphabet and it is so rich in meaning. I want to keep trying and plugging away at it. I painted a few of these animals on this t-shirt which will be one way to learn words. So far I know camel and lion 🙂 and of course toda is thank-you and ken is yes, lo is no and shalom is hello, goodbye and peace.


Also made some magnets.


For this vicuna I just used black magic marker on an unpainted rock – works for me ! !


I got the idea of painting rocks from a book I found at the library – Here it is – Let’s Rock