interesting pattern that makes a square


I had a pattern to make a baby bib, which I did; it’s basically half of what you see here, except it has ties. For this I CO 49 sts, knitted 1 row and then knitted 19 sts, carried 1 stitch from left needle to right needle, put right needle through 2 sts as if to knit, then passed carried over stitch over those 2 sts. This makes a double decrease (DD). Then knit the remaining 19 sts. Knit next row back. Proceed in this way; next, knit 18 sts, do the DD and knit remaining 18 sts and knit the row back.

It ends up making a square. You can use whatever size knitting needle you wish.



Cacti, cactuses, cactus

Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and some writers use it in English. Cactuses is the English plural. Dictionaries list both, and neither is right or wrong. Also, like many names of plants, the uninflected cactus is sometimes treated as plural.

fun making these – I wonder if they will be liked by customers at craft sales – time will tell.

natural cure for cancer

who doesn’t want a natural cure for cancer for themselves or one they know. here is one

Today I was at the post office with a long line – people can be friendly and/or humorous. The lady in front of me was friendly – actually no one had an obvious bad attitude. A man walked in and was quietly whistling like a bird and also Christmas songs. He chatted with the woman behind me and in front of him. He called the post master a Burgemeister – he said, “Das ist der Bürgermeister, mayor.”
I learned the word, Bürgermeister, recently in my Duolingo. I didn’t turn around and try to talk to him auf Deutsch, but I kept my ears open in case he said anything else in German.

My husband came in the P.O. and said they were going across the street to QT and I said ok. The lady behind me said, “Do you think he’ll have time?” I said, maybe so and maybe not, vielleicht. Then the man said something in German. Eventually I mailed my 2 pkgs and went on my way – just excited that I can understand a bit of German after working on it through Duolingo for 29 days now !

I think these are hats #26 and #27

and #28