interesting pattern that makes a square


I had a pattern to make a baby bib, which I did; it’s basically half of what you see here, except it has ties. For this I CO 49 sts, knitted 1 row and then knitted 19 sts, carried 1 stitch from left needle to right needle, put right needle through 2 sts as if to knit, then passed carried over stitch over those 2 sts. This makes a double decrease (DD). Then knit the remaining 19 sts. Knit next row back. Proceed in this way; next, knit 18 sts, do the DD and knit remaining 18 sts and knit the row back.

It ends up making a square. You can use whatever size knitting needle you wish.



natural cure for cancer

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Today I was at the post office with a long line – people can be friendly and/or humorous. The lady in front of me was friendly – actually no one had an obvious bad attitude. A man walked in and was quietly whistling like a bird and also Christmas songs. He chatted with the woman behind me and in front of him. He called the post master a Burgemeister – he said, “Das ist der Bürgermeister, mayor.”
I learned the word, Bürgermeister, recently in my Duolingo. I didn’t turn around and try to talk to him auf Deutsch, but I kept my ears open in case he said anything else in German.

My husband came in the P.O. and said they were going across the street to QT and I said ok. The lady behind me said, “Do you think he’ll have time?” I said, maybe so and maybe not, vielleicht. Then the man said something in German. Eventually I mailed my 2 pkgs and went on my way – just excited that I can understand a bit of German after working on it through Duolingo for 29 days now !

I think these are hats #26 and #27

and #28