understanding the 2nd great awakening

I read this morning in Dale Gentry’s Breakout Prayer Network this prayer: (I was interested in learning more about the 2nd awakening and found the video posted below the prayer – how the law enforcement was laid off in Buffalo, NY because of no need of them – amazing!)

Dear Father God………….we pray for the city of Chicago and other major cities in America who are experiencing murders and violence…………the Windy City experiencing 39 people shot and 10 dead just over this past holiday weekend…………….we pray for revival on the streets of this nation…………knowing only you Almighty God can make America great again………..may we rehearse happenings during the 2nd Spiritual Awakening when the city of Rochester had to lay off all of its police officers because there was no need for law enforcement…………..believing today that history will repeat itself as we experience an answer to the many prayers we have prayed concerning revival in America, another spiritual awakening…………as the inauguration of our 45th president nears……….. amidst reports of protests and violence in our nations capitol………….we pray your hedge of protection around those attending while thousands of bikers make there way to DC……..declaring they will form a wall of meat around those who are coming to enjoy the festivities………we pray for Donald Trump as he prepares his Inauguration Day speech……………we pray for wisdom and guidance concerning his words…………..we ask these things in Jesus name……….amen.



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I lost the book that had my password in it since I had changed it and so I never could get back on here, then I listened to the 700 Club show today about hoarding and decided to go through my books on the bookshelf and either list some of them on Amazon or give some away. There was my green book with my password, so here I am again.

ImageToday is the National Day of prayer. I found this prayer guide I intend to follow indefinitely. http://commit2pray.com/7×7/

Some tulips in bloom, but alas, snow is expected tonight 1-3 inches. Oh dear, the tulips can probably handle it and also anything else growing outside.

The farmer market begins tomorrow. I told the guy I would not come because of the weather and he said. that is fine, probably a wise decision. In a week the weather should be a balmy 69 degrees.


a good helping the homeless idea!

Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday, a day to remember Jesus eating His last supper with His disciples which led up to His crucifixion and then resurrection.

I am busy cleaning and planning for family Easter dinner at our house. It’s a matter of cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, straightening up and planning and fixing the meal. It will be a nice day to remember the new life we have because of Jesus’ obedience.

“He became obedient unto death.” –Phil. 2:8

Thank you, Lord, for Your perfect sacrifice!

I enjoy seeing the new growth of the lettuce and making a couple other swc containers and transplanting other plants and seeing seedlings grow. It’s getting springy out even though some snow is still with us.







6 hours later – most of the snow is gone



getting ready to put my seed potatoes that are sprouting in the sack in this space I cleared of leaves – wonderful compost type soil for the potatoes.



had a great sunday – dear daughter and i went to church – husband and his brother did assisted living service. then i went with husband to homeless ministry. i helped give out hot tea, coffee and cocoa. next time i believe we will put a spoonful of the coffee or cocoa in the cup and give them a spoon and let them fill the cup with hot h20 because it was a bit chaotic the way it was done today with the wind blowing everything around. worked on puzzle i got for christmas – got most the sky done – it is a farm scene with a barn and horses. i can’t upload pictures onto computer because the thing you plug into is bent so i will put on a picniked picture.