makeshift light

Need some light in your home during a power outage or on a camping trip ?

Slap a headlamp onto a gallon water jug pointed inward and you will be amazed at the amount of light you get! I’ve seen this idea in action and it works !

It creates a great night lamp when the power is out and family members are wandering towards the bathroom.

thumbs up for vegan baked pancakes and cracked windshield!

I don’t mind making pancakes, but they take lots of oil and I was wondering if there is such a thing as baked pancakes, and there is!! I found this tremendous recipe:


1 c. flour

2 tsp. b.p.

1/2 tsp. b.s.

1/2 tsp. salt

2 T honey

1 c. kefir or milk or water

2 T mashed banana or applesauce

1/2 tsp. vanilla


Mix  dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients. Bake at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Husband said they are great and I am happy!


DSC06641 (2)Because of this glorious cracked windshield we get to finally finally finally get rid of tired old white Camry Toyota and get something else, like a pickup or small van. Photo-0689


pictures from today – the woods and a trip through town

We went on an early morning hike after we dropped daughter off at her job. I’m glad we went – was beautiful and warm. Not so in Colorado I heard, with a foot of snow. Here in NW MO it was in mid 80s. I’m ready for cooler but I’m sure that will come soon enough. Then we came home, ate something and went to the house of the mother of my husband. She needed help going to the drugstore, which she does every 6-8 weeks. We finished that and came home, then I went and picked up daughter from work. Here are the pics from today, which can be viewed larger by clicking on the picture.

Timmelsjoch, Villach und Zwettl in Austria

I am learning about some places in Austria, one of my favorite countries. I was there traveling in 1981 and I love the country. A group of people are there traveling around praying for the country and the people in it.

Timmelsjoch is actually a mountain pass. Read about it here.

more info here

It is southwest of Innsbruck on the Italian border.

picture from Wikipedia

The town and history of Villach in the south of Austria is very interesting – see Wikipedia.


Zwettl – the 3rd largest municipality in Austria by area. Das 3. größte Gemeinde in Österreich nach Regionen


june – middle of

family reunion was terrific and we got to skype with dear daughter last evening. she will return from overseas teaching English the end of the month and here sometime in early july.

dear son climbed the peak yesterday, camped out and back down the mountain today – our adventuresome son. dear hub and i went to church, first assisted living service then the other one – both were fineo.

about pikes peak

fam reunion

It’s that time of year again; actually, every other year is family reunion time. Looking forward to seeing people I’m related to; of course with facebook I see them all the time anyway – yay for facebook!!

I’m bringing 7 presents – youngest baby, most recent 1st time ever dad, most recently married couple, couple married the longest, the ones who traveled the most distance to get there, most recent graduate and mom with the mostest children.

It will be fun in the sun, but our 2 kiddos won’t be there, missing being in the area by days or weeks. Looking forward to seeing them, though. Family is fun. We are blessed.

to colorado and back

We had a great trip to Colorado to go to see our kids in their school. Some pics:
Our daffodils are beginning to bloom. Now that we are home they are all in full bloom – beautiful!!

by Elaine Magliaro

dipped in sunlight,
dusted with gold—
brassy blossoms
trumpeting their color
in April gardens

We started driving at 2:30 p.m. and drove until about 9:30, stopping at Burlington, CO and Sloans Motel – pretty nice and I loved the colors of the room.
So many trucks.

Interesting antique buggy someone was moving. It was there when we arrived and still there when we left.

da mountains!!
me at Ute Valley Park – lovely hike and I love my Nordic pole walking.