food colors and book

I’ve been reading the book, The Banks of the Boyne: A Quest for a Christian Ireland (1998) by Donna Fletcher Crow. I’ve learned so much about Ireland; she is a wonderful writer. One reason I wanted to read it is to get my mind off our problems in the U.S. of A. It has helped I think.

While I was making the following picture about food colors on, I listened to an interview on CBN with Elliott Abrams who wrote the book, Tested by Zion. It would probably be good reading, but maybe I’ll read it later.

I got this food colors information somewhere and it is helpful to know what different colored foods will help us with.




FB has a page called grow food, not lawns, or something like that. The following pictures are from there – all great ideas.

flower hanger log flower planter window frame flower planter can flower pot cans flowers flower bikes flower cans on pole


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