short 2 day trip

We went to Warrensburg and Knob Noster State park. Nice, but no more will I stay in a basement airbnb place – just not as fun as when you have the whole thing. People are on top and basements are usually not as nice. Besides, I figured out I spent about 1/3 or more of my college years in basement apartments. Also, today would have been my mother-in-law’s 94th birthday, but she passed away July 13, 2015. Bless her soul ! ! !

The Red Oak leaf is on the right, and the White Oak leaf is on the left. The Post Oak is a variation of the White Oak.


This is at a lake in Warrensburg.



tatoo – what about them ? ? ?

My dear son I talked to on the phone the other day was getting another tatoo. I don’t care for them personally, but each of us makes our own decisions after we are grown.

At the grocery store yesterday I witnessed a tatooed mom with a young son and daughter who were rather loud and the mom was very loud to them. I could hear them over the whole store 😦

Later, another tatooed mom came into the store pushing a baby in a stroller with 3 older children quietly following her. What was the difference. I asked my husband. He said, “One has it together, the other doesn’t.” The tatoos were not the issue.

How do we get it together?

It means “to become fit or organized; to organize one’s thinking; to become relaxed and rational” or “to get organized.” (from the free dictionary)

I think that is the key – be organized – focus on the task ahead of you. There’s no reason for children to rant and rave and the mother to have to yell (it doesn’t do any good anyway!) Children are quite pliable. They love games. There are all kinds of ways to deal with a trip to the grocery store.

25 activities for kids in grocery stores

Make it a learning fun experience – fun!

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more things

I started sewing again. Dresses are for All God’s Children, who take them to Zambia or send them.

I also made a few things for a craft fair in November.


I made this picture holder from an idea I found online. It is made from fabric glued to a circle cut from cardboard and painted clothespins glued to hold pictures, cards, recipes or whatever works. The painting of the clothespins was the hardest – probably spray paint would be much quicker than acrylics and brush. The hanger could be more fancy with ribbon and bows.



Next, I’m back to painting rocks. It’s time-consuming too, but nice on a day if you didn’t sleep well the night before and don’t have a whole lot else left to do. 🙂




Last but definitely not least, a couple family pics. My niece in San Antonio sent me this picture of her husband in the apron I made and gave them at a wedding shower. They were married this summer. I’m glad they find it useful! fefsfv And Gordie at 3 weeks, my grand-nephew from my niece who is my other brother’s daughter 🙂 < Cuteness and oneryness abounds it seems 🙂 🙂 🙂

another dress done and some flowers around our house (Nasturnium and Zinnia).



And one more dress for today. Photo-1271