alpaca puzzle

This is a lovely puzzle I got for 99 cents. I have enjoyed putting it together thus far, but, the trees are sooooo difficult. I believe I will box it back up and take it back to a thrift store.

I will keep its memory here. 🙂



January 3

Today I took b-i-l back to his moms where he stays 3 nights, then our house 4 nights and on and on it goes. Then my daughter was off work today so we ate salad at Jason’s Deli and then went to 2 thrift stores. I finished the snowman puzzle – just didn’t have the time or gumption to finish it correctly, but I still like it the way I did it.

new year – happy

Best wishes for 2012!!! this is a picture we took from a train up the mountains near Leadville, CO September 2010. Beautiful area.

I’m trying to work on this puzzle and making some progress. I don’t know which picture I like best so will post them both. It’s a challenge, but I liked the word “Believe” on it and plan to make a wood back for it so that it stands up inside the window.

Also, I finished up these hats last night so will try to find someone who can use them.

Beautiful cold sunny day. We are going out soon to put up a bluebird house in the woods my husband and his brother made.

later: We went out in the woods and installed the bluebird house. Some pictures to show the occasion:

See the difference in these 2 photos. Which one looks better?