more lovely birds


Robin nest

I discovered this Robin nest when I opened the porch door and Mama Robin was chirp chirp chirping in the next tree.

Robin update 5-28-16 This is sooooo sad. Yesterday the Robin quit sitting on her nest so much and I didn’t know why. I thought maybe my paying so much attention to her nest made her abandon it. I got this picture this morning. When I did, Mrs. Robin was in the top of the tree chirping, but not wildly soaring by like before. Scott says Cowbirds will eat eggs. Now she won’t take care of the other egg 😦

1 robin egg

March 22 – snow :(

Here we are a couple days into Spring with possible 8 inches more of snow coming our way by Sunday 😦

3.21.13It started to look springy a couple days ago, then the flakes started. But, I was born during the ’51 flood and it was snowing/sleeting on that day in April, so nothing has changed that much.


diet: must do better – I plan to weigh in on Monday so must eat lots of celery 🙂

organizing and cleaning house: must do better but have lots of time to work on it considering I’ll probably be shut in through Sunday at least

bought a bunch of books for 50 cents or less at salvation army – most of them I can’t sell but they are all good to read. (can’t sell them on amazon because there are already bunches of them for sale for 1 cent )


Here are a couple of fun ideas to do:


This isn’t my onion picture, but it gave me the idea to do this with garlic (picture below) – we’ll see how it goes; maybe I’ll put more garlic in, but probably too late now – too hard to cut the holes with the soil already in, but I can always make another.


Another was made – 26 cloves rather than 14:


sweater vest owls

square foot garden planting guide

new year – happy

Best wishes for 2012!!! this is a picture we took from a train up the mountains near Leadville, CO September 2010. Beautiful area.

I’m trying to work on this puzzle and making some progress. I don’t know which picture I like best so will post them both. It’s a challenge, but I liked the word “Believe” on it and plan to make a wood back for it so that it stands up inside the window.

Also, I finished up these hats last night so will try to find someone who can use them.

Beautiful cold sunny day. We are going out soon to put up a bluebird house in the woods my husband and his brother made.

later: We went out in the woods and installed the bluebird house. Some pictures to show the occasion:

See the difference in these 2 photos. Which one looks better?