tatoo – what about them ? ? ?

My dear son I talked to on the phone the other day was getting another tatoo. I don’t care for them personally, but each of us makes our own decisions after we are grown.

At the grocery store yesterday I witnessed a tatooed mom with a young son and daughter who were rather loud and the mom was very loud to them. I could hear them over the whole store 😦

Later, another tatooed mom came into the store pushing a baby in a stroller with 3 older children quietly following her. What was the difference. I asked my husband. He said, “One has it together, the other doesn’t.” The tatoos were not the issue.

How do we get it together?

It means “to become fit or organized; to organize one’s thinking; to become relaxed and rational” or “to get organized.” (from the free dictionary)

I think that is the key – be organized – focus on the task ahead of you. There’s no reason for children to rant and rave and the mother to have to yell (it doesn’t do any good anyway!) Children are quite pliable. They love games. There are all kinds of ways to deal with a trip to the grocery store.

25 activities for kids in grocery stores

Make it a learning fun experience – fun!

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things to make

jacobs ladder toy video

jacobs ladder toy

jacobs ladder using wood

toy making dad

traditional jacobs ladder

scrap wood projects

birdhouse plan

tall birdhouse

lots of birdhouses

making round beanbags

a nice sunny day today – I even walked dog around the block at 6:45 a.m. now she is snoring in the family room :=)
the picture is my husband and his brother putting up a shelf for cans. they work well together with making birdhouses, etc.