day 13/30 day challenge

a picture of your favorite band or artist

Nancy Honeytree has always been a favorite and I enjoyed catching up on her life by reading her web page (click on her name). We used to have her music playing when our son was around 2 years old and he always wanted to hear nancy honeytree music, his favorite.

I did get to hear her in a concert when she came to my church; I don’t remember if it was before or after she was married in 1990, but it was around that time period.


day 7/30 day challenge

A picture of your most treasured item.

Hmmmm will have to think about that a bit and would I even have a picture of it??

I would have to say my chopsticks are a most treasured item. I use them all the time at home to eat. I carried them back from my time in Hong Kong in 1987. I was in Asia 2 months for a Christian outreach. We went to Singapore, then an island by Hong Kong, then to Taiwan. Singapore was my favorite and Taiwan the least favorite. I love to use chopsticks – so practical and fun.