garden update

Nice to work in the garden a bit ~ I pulled all the radishes. Yesterday I planted 5 tomato plants – 4 around the recycled blue wastebasket which I had drilled holes in on the bottom and sides to just above ground level. Then all you have to do is water in the container (after it’s filled with compost). Each plant needs 5 gallons a week, I think. Also, today I started a spiral herb garden – just need to find more bricks or rocks 🙂 I’ve always wanted one, and now must be the time !~

5.29.17memorialday 015

The plan is not to have deer jump in the fence; Scott put up green fishing line way up high and tied white little rags around on it ~ sure wanting it to work !5.29.17memorialday 013.JPG

Last but not least, the newest key-hole garden. I just put all my old seeds in there a few weeks ago and this is what’s coming up – sunflowers or squash – we’ll have to wait & see.5.29.17memorialday 016



painting rocks

I’ve enjoyed painting rocks for a few years now. At present I am aiming at painting 100 rocks to sell at craft fairs this Spring and Summer and Fall.

When we took a glorious trip to Israel in 2008 my daughter bought this T-shirt. I have been very slowly learning the Hebrew alphabet and it is so rich in meaning. I want to keep trying and plugging away at it. I painted a few of these animals on this t-shirt which will be one way to learn words. So far I know camel and lion 🙂 and of course toda is thank-you and ken is yes, lo is no and shalom is hello, goodbye and peace.


Also made some magnets.


For this vicuna I just used black magic marker on an unpainted rock – works for me ! !


I got the idea of painting rocks from a book I found at the library – Here it is – Let’s Rock



more things

I started sewing again. Dresses are for All God’s Children, who take them to Zambia or send them.

I also made a few things for a craft fair in November.


I made this picture holder from an idea I found online. It is made from fabric glued to a circle cut from cardboard and painted clothespins glued to hold pictures, cards, recipes or whatever works. The painting of the clothespins was the hardest – probably spray paint would be much quicker than acrylics and brush. The hanger could be more fancy with ribbon and bows.



Next, I’m back to painting rocks. It’s time-consuming too, but nice on a day if you didn’t sleep well the night before and don’t have a whole lot else left to do. 🙂




Last but definitely not least, a couple family pics. My niece in San Antonio sent me this picture of her husband in the apron I made and gave them at a wedding shower. They were married this summer. I’m glad they find it useful! fefsfv And Gordie at 3 weeks, my grand-nephew from my niece who is my other brother’s daughter 🙂 < Cuteness and oneryness abounds it seems 🙂 🙂 🙂

another dress done and some flowers around our house (Nasturnium and Zinnia).



And one more dress for today. Photo-1271

daffodils and rocks

February 22 – Happy 280th birthday President George Washington ! ! ! ! !

This morning I went out and about in the yard and decided to bring in the empty plastic gallon plant holder things to use for my self-watering container I hope to make this spring. In one I found these extra daffodil bulbs I never got around to putting in the ground. I try to divide some of the older ones every year, because they get rather compacted. Here they are sprouting – the daffodil – the symbol of hope. Now I have my theme for my next set of rocks to paint. I always love that daffodils are the symbol of hope. I tried to put some in the ground, but it’s been raining so the ground is rather gummy. The rest I just scattered on the ground and put some dirt over them. We will see what happens later on. I know a friend of my son’s said her dad dug up some daffodils and dumped them in the ditch at the end of their driveway against the rest of their wishes. Now every Spring beautiful daffodils bloom there. He gives us beauty for ashes.

Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

Here are pictures of the last bunch of rocks I painted – just like to remember them if I give them away or maybe even sell them later at the market.

One last thing – I put the greenhouse shelf thing in the living room in front of the window yesterday so that all the seedlings will go there when they finally start growing.

tgif – thank God it’s friday

Yay – another week almost finished. – 5 more weeks until dear daughter is on her way – to her destination – happy for her. I drove (or rode) with her to work – she works 7-4 today – didn’t want to be w/out a car all day. I want to mail my stocking hats and blanket to Cure International – the DJ from k-love will be leaving in 2 weeks so want to get them there in time – otherwise – Cure Intl. will make good use of them there later or some other place.

I came home and finished this “ugly quilt” Took about 2 hours – less if I wouldn’t have made the bag. There was extra because one sheet was king sized. I didn’t sew the comforter to the 2 sheets I sewed together; that way, if necessary there will be a sleep sheet for the warmer weather.
The 2 sheets

The comforter

sewed up and comforter inside

rolled up


photo of my rock work table

some rocks I’m finishing up. I think the shoe rock is my fav.

Now I need to make a cabbage/tofu salad because I have both ingredients. Found a recipe from and modified it quite a bit into the following recipe.

Tofu and Cabbage Salad with Almond Dressing

1 T. olive oil
1 lb. tofu, 1/2 inch strips lengthwise
1 medium head cabbage, chopped (about 2 1/2 c.)
cucumbers, broccoli or cauliflower or similar veggie
2/3 c. ch. green onions or leeks

Almond Dressing
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1/4 c. almond butter
1/2 tsp. Braggs Liquid Aminos

Saute tofu in heated oil 4 minutes on each side.
Combine veggies in a bowl.
Mix dressing ingredients with 2 T. water.
Pour 3/4 dressing over vegetables and toss.
Top salad with tofu strips and drizzle on remainder of dressing.

I packaged up the hats and blanket for CURE and also have one to mail to Knit for Kids that’s been sitting around too long.

finished the salad – love the small cast iron skillet – 1st time to use it.

sure is windy today – at least the sun is out in full force : )