Grandma’s birthday

I kept thinking of my grandmother today, as Oct. 27 rang a bell as being her birthday. She died at age 70 but she was born 107 years ago today.
A picture of her and Grandpa before I or any of her grandchildren were born.

a few memories of my grandmother.

cooking up biscuits before Grandpa came in from outdoors working
making a quick plate of bologna sandwiches for family
putting on red lipstick
working over the stove
washing my hair in her kitchen sink
laughing with her hand covering her mouth
making meatloaf
listening in on the party line
giving me magazines to cut up

Most of this has to do with food – ha ha – that’s what grandmothers do : )


pictures from today – the woods and a trip through town

We went on an early morning hike after we dropped daughter off at her job. I’m glad we went – was beautiful and warm. Not so in Colorado I heard, with a foot of snow. Here in NW MO it was in mid 80s. I’m ready for cooler but I’m sure that will come soon enough. Then we came home, ate something and went to the house of the mother of my husband. She needed help going to the drugstore, which she does every 6-8 weeks. We finished that and came home, then I went and picked up daughter from work. Here are the pics from today, which can be viewed larger by clicking on the picture.

dancing raisins

Dancing Raisins was an experiment we did here when our kids were younger. Now we will probably be having my husband’s autistic brother living with us part of the time. I am collecting ideas of things he might enjoy. He is mostly nonverbal but there is much potential if we keep working with him. He does love music sooooo much.

I bought a large rug that we needed at the thrift store and today am Kirby shampooing it. It weights a ton but hopefully we will get it upstairs tomorrow in its final resting place : ) You can see the dog sure loves it (before it was cleaned : )