flowers and food

I love seeing these Iris flowers open up – so lovely.

My 10 day veggie fast/diet has been altered. I can’t keep up with day-to-day activities in starvation mode. I have decided to eat veggies 10 days per month and not to go over 3 days eating normal food until the 10 days of veggies are completed.

Today was a pancake kind of day for our family. Also put some of our garden turnip greens into the quinoa and lima beans and seasoned with Braggs Aminos and ginger powder. Was pretty good. And much of the salad was from our garden – spinach, violet leaves, carrot top leaves, green onions and parsley. Yum. And more radishes.


sourdough in the summer

I’ve been having trouble with my sourdough bread; I make it all the time and we haven’t yet turned on the air conditioning. The dough is so sticky it is very hard to work with. After looking into it, I read that you can switch it; instead of leaving it out overnight in a bowl, I put it in the ‘fridge overnight and then let it set out in the bowl in the morning. Then I shaped it into loaves and put it in the ‘fridge a few hours and then baked it. It’s a matter of trial and error – just try to see what works best – shorter times on the counter or whatever. victory ! ! !



Mixes for the win

I saw someone do this with a brownie mix so I thought I’d use up my jars I am saving in case of hard times and make mixes of the things I like to bake all the time.

I read that it is wise to save plastic and glass containers in case of need in times of trouble so I hate to get rid of them, but they sure do pile up.

These mixes are so handy to use and not too hard to make multiples at one time. Yay ! ! !


Sourdough Challah Success

I made the Sourdough Challah yesterday and it turned out scrumptious! Here is the recipe. Here are some pictures of the process I remembered to take.

I believe next time I will make a larger number of smaller loaves. happy day! our son’s 22nd b-day. the first I saw of him in the photo below – there were complications so I couldn’t see him in person that first night.