getting organized

Today I cleaned out our walk-in closet, emptied my dresser and took it to our new area of the house. Now it seems more real – Chuck moving in with us soon and very soon, but only 4/7 of the week. We are learning more about autism every day. My husband grew up with his brother. Chuck is 5 years younger than him. I am apprehensive about having him in our living space, but now that I am get my belongings out of his soon-to-be area it seems easier.

His walk-in-closet and room:


autistic people

Now we have had my brother-in-law over for supper; my husband is his guardian – it went okay until I asked him to play his song on the piano before he was finished with his cake – too many instructions. He wanted to leave soon to go back to his mom’s. He will move in with us before or after Thanksgiving. This is just around the corner. We gave up our bedroom with the bath for him and are moving to a smaller room; I hope all goes well and that I won’t be too bewildered by having him around 2/3 of each week. It is rather emotionally draining to clear out our bedroom for him and deal with all our accumulation to put it in a smaller space.

I read this essay by an autistic person about how the autistic people communicate, not so much with non-autistic people but with other autistic people. the article

I would love to call my mom up and tell her about this new change in our lives, but she died and this is the graveyard. I could call my aunt; I could message a friend, but the thing that helps me most is picniking a picture and finding some soothing scriptures!!!


The temp didn’t get down to freezing, but we have the tomatoes anyway out of the garden. Took a few pictures going to visit Grandma today. Drove by the protestors – I wonder if they will get what they want. I read about the horrible crash in the UK – prayers go out to loved ones and prayers for the injured.