18 aloe vera plants – oh my!

I love to put my plants out in the summer time, but when it’s time to bring them in, I have so many – what to do ? ! !

The soap recipe from Mother Earth News takes only 1-2 T., so maybe I can find some other recipes.

Or make a manly bar of soap

Here are some ways to make and use aloe vera gel.

This information from wellnessmama – To the 1 cup I add 2000 mg of Vitamin C and 1600 IU (1 tablespoon or 4 400 IU capsules) of Vitamin E. Powdered Vitamin C works well or you can crush the appropriate amount of tablets. Stir well until the vitamins are well incorporated. I stirred for a bit and then let it sit. When I came back to stir it again the Vitamin C was much easier to stir in.

My 18 plants: