my version of the ugly quilt

beautiful day yesterday and today

I’ve made several ugly quilts for the homeless. The one I made yesterday was pretty easy. I have pictures, but first the sunrise.

I sewed an old curtain onto an old sheet to make a cover for the comforter. The comforter had a really flimsy material so that’s why I made the cover.

After I got the cover over the comforter, I tied it with white yarn and sewed some neckties on the bottom in 2 places and made a few more ties if they want to use it for a sleeping bag.

What the inside looks like and then how it looks folded over and then rolled up. The first was too big for the bag I had for it so I folded it over again.

We now have daffodils coming up.

My 6′ long table that folds up like a suitcase came today. Do ya think this would work to sell at a farmer’s market? Feb. 16 I’ll go to a meeting to see if I can sell on Wednesdays 2-6 p.m.

quilt sizes
I bought this quilt I liked (at a thrift store of course 🙂
It’s way too big for a Queen size bed. I offered it to my friend, but she can’t use it. I believe according to this chart (see link) I will cut off 18 inches from the long edge and it should work.

I finished the quilt – not so sure I like it so much, but maybe it’ll be okay. Also bought a seed starter thing at big lots today for $30. I was going to try to make one or have husband make one, but this is soooo much quicker. We’ll need to get some lights to hang with an S hook. It also has the greenhouse plastic cover and can be put outside.

p.s. I decided I didn’t like the brown flowered quilt, so I made a bag for it from what I cut off to use in the rec room. If that doesn’t work I’ll take it to the homeless.


Bee painted rocks

I had fun making these Bee rocks – bee thankful, bee blessed, bee happy, bee glad, etc. I wanted to take a picture because I will take them to assisted living tomorrow to give away – goodbye bees ! !

enjoy the sunsets even though we see it through the trees.

The sunsets were on two different evenings.

adios and goodnight.

mt. elbert in december

i’m very sleepy today because i could hardly sleep last night. our 21 yr. old son drove from where he lives in colorado springs 2.5 hours to mt. elbert near leadville, co. he slept in his car and then climbed the mountain early this morning and got to the summit at 11:11 a.m.; proud of him, but i was very uneasy him doing that alone – now he’s safely back in col. springs i think – yay!!

approaching the summit

he is on top of the world !

pictures and info about the tallest mountain in CO and 2nd highest in U.S. on this blog.

beautiful fall day

a cool video sent by my uncle

This sunset picture was of a few days ago and also the chickadee at the bird feeder.

This morning I took dog and walked at the park and picked up two bags of trash. People fish there and leave a lot of trash behind. It cooled off after I got back. Now I need to do laundry, work with the sourdough bread and sew plus clean up around the house.

Chickadees are so quick but fun to watch.