WWII watch cap

I’ve been in a knitting frenzy for a while. The homeless we visit at a park on Sundays snatch my knit hats up quickly. I looked for some variations in patterns and found out about the WWII watch cap. I am knitting a red one for my son for Christmas unless it turns out too small

about WWII watch caps and instructions

hope to post pictures soon

and here they are ! ! !

knitting stitch patterns

starting another one!

Thursday -I spent most the day knitting this gift for my husband – shshshshshsh – trying to keep it a secret. I made it brown and green because he’s such a tree-man – loves anything about trees and even has a degree in forestry.

I used one of the cable patterns and turned our quite well I think.
I had to be the model since my daughter is doing finals – bless her heart !

Friday’s hat

Saturday’s hat

Dear b-i-l Chuck staying with us took the last pic. I think he needs a camera for Christmas. Being autistic he is a whiz with gadgets and of course thinks in pictures. I am 2/3 through the book written by Temple Grandin. – The Way I See It (her website)

Must put the knitting away until after Christmas and maybe beyond; it is way too addicting!

tuesday – 12.20.11
I didn’t quite put the knitting away but doing much less – trying to get my snowman puzzle done and working on putting fringe on bedroom curtains.

Monday’s hat will go to the homeless:


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