Sewing today. It can be quite habit forming, actually addicting. Keeps the mind off the horrors of world events these days. It’s always helpful to help others. Here are 3 dresses I finished today, plus a picture of a picture given to me by the people who delivered the dresses in July of 2013. Next July another bunch will go over. Someone goes over every year at least, as they do health care also.

See All God’s Children

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Another dress finished this very hot summer day. We also went to Parkville Days. Those poor vendors sitting there not selling anything it looked like anyway. We bought something – 2 nights and 3 days in Branson for 4 for only $99 plus $30 food and $80 for shows or Silver Dollar City. They are trying to advertise this way, so consider this an advertisement. It can be used any time within a year and the same offer is good for anyone who mentions they heard it from us. Quite a deal; will let you know how it was after we use it in a couple months.

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