I learned to draw this sunflower today – from youtube video

I call it Kansas sunflower because the junk board I painted is in the shape of dear old Kansas – where I am from 🙂 And it’s the state flower of Kansas ! I wonder if I can find a honey bee – I think it’s Kansas’ state insect and Cottonwood is the state tree. There are probably more – I know mule is the state animal of Missouri. A link to KS state symbols

unnamed (6).jpg

kansas sunflower

interesting pattern that makes a square


I had a pattern to make a baby bib, which I did; it’s basically half of what you see here, except it has ties. For this I CO 49 sts, knitted 1 row and then knitted 19 sts, carried 1 stitch from left needle to right needle, put right needle through 2 sts as if to knit, then passed carried over stitch over those 2 sts. This makes a double decrease (DD). Then knit the remaining 19 sts. Knit next row back. Proceed in this way; next, knit 18 sts, do the DD and knit remaining 18 sts and knit the row back.

It ends up making a square. You can use whatever size knitting needle you wish.