cat feeder/ freezing cucumbers and zuchinni

Leaving tomorrow for a week. Trying to make husband’s job easier concerning dog and cat.

The Automatic Water Dispenser

This idea is extremely simple, and is based on the same physical concept that governs most other automatic water dispensers. Punch a pencil-sized hole about 1 inch from the bottom of a large jug. Fill with water, seal, then place in a dish greater than one inch high.

Automatic Cat Water Dispenser

Water flows out of the jug as long as the water level is below the hole at the bottom. When water flows out, the air pressure in jug decreases until it sucks in some air to equalize. When the water level covers the hole, though, the air pressure can no longer equalize, so the water flow stops.

When the cats drink the water level down a bit, the jug can once again equalize its air pressure, and lets more water out.

Automatic Cat Water Dispenser

It’s from here.

another thing to do before leaving – freeze my cute little cucumbers – Here’s how 🙂

and freezing zuchinni



brineing for 2 hours – nice thing to while the Royals are winning !



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