hugulkulture & cement counter tops

I love reading about hugulkulture – A picture of one way to do this:


Also would love to change our kitchen to look like the gray and white one – would be so nice.

p.s. the daniel plan is going well – down 5 pounds, but today we went to Cheddars – still, I ate pretty well – and the food is great there.

update: Cement countertops are very expensive – this is more our speed –

Tile Countertops

Tile Countertop Exampletilecountertop
Tile countertops are another economical option that may provide you a more substantial feel than laminate with the flexibility to customize. Choosing this option also allows for a unified transition between counter and backsplash.

Tiles can be made from ceramic, porcelain, slate, marble, granite, and tumbled stone to name a few. Prices vary greatly. Discontinued tile can cost less than $1.00 per 12″x12″ square allowing for a thrifty project. Decorative tile accents can be added to create a one-of-a-kind countertop. Tile departments at home improvement centers offer coordinating edge trims for various in-stock tile to enable a finished look.

Save labor costs by tiling your own countertop. Many online tiling tutorials can offer you guidance.

Pros: Economical. Custom appearance. Heat Resistant. DIY Installation.

Cons: Grout may stain and should be sealed. Susceptible to knife marks (depending on tile material).

Cost: Typically $3 – $12 per sq. ft. based on tile material choice and decorative accents.


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