living small in my large house

I love reading blogs and watching youtubes about living large in small places. I have a rather large place, and I couldn’t find anyone trying to live small in a large place. I considered making a new blog site about that, but I think I already have enough to deal with concerning blogs.

Here is our 24X22 sq. ft family room. Many tiny homes and apts are about half this size or less.

6.28 - family room

One thing I am doing is clearing out stuff because we can’t keep a clean house with so much stuff ! 🙂

We are heading toward age 65, so we won’t be here forever. Wouldn’t it be nice when we decide it’s time to move that there will be very little to move?  Not so with dear m-i-l. It was sooooo hard for her to part with things and the work was left to her sons who filled up many gigantic trash bags and threw it away. Valuable stuff was kept, of course, but  she had so many wall pictures and stuff stuff stuff – especially in the kitchen.

Here is what I have on my wall above computer – puzzle pictures that I like. They are fun to have, but eventually can be given to thrift store or thrown away.

6.28 - puzzles

p.s. I wish they’d get this horrendous rainbow off the page here. Don’t they know the rainbow was given by God has a promise to never have a world-wide flood again ???????????????????????


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