preserved lemons

My next cooking project is preserving lemons. I have the lemons and the recipe so one of these days I will get going.

I finished this project on this 12th day of September.
ready to make the preserved lemons: Photo-1316 (1)
What the salt looks like: Photo-1317 (1)
Cut the lemons in quarters, but not clear through. This is how the Moroccans (tricky spelling this word) do it. Photo-1318 (1)
All 4 lemons stuffed in the quart sized jar. Photo-1319 (1)

Now wait 3 or 4 days and add juice of 4 lemons. They are patiently waiting in the ‘fridge!

Sept. 17 – I’ve added the juice of 4 lemons. Photo-1361 Now it will sit in a cool place (the counter) for around a month or more. More will give it a better flavor, recipe says.

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