strawberry companion plants

I have a bed for strawberries and so far they are really blossoming this Spring. Someone told me that in Florida they grow onions with strawberries, but this guide I found doesn’t say that, although it doesn’t say not to plant them with strawberries either.

I see it says not to plant near the cabbage plant, but bush beans are good, so I will probably plant beans in the bed closest to the strawberries.

Went out and took some pictures – so fresh and nice after rain and will be warming up soon.

another interesting thing – wicking beds – the same as self-watering containers I think.

DSC08997 - Copy

I’ve been reading about keyhole gardens where you put a compost thing in the middle for your kitchen scraps, etc. and then water it through that and so here I have put the circular wire and I am adding the kitchen scraps. I will cover the compost leaves with peat moss, vermiculite and more composted compost, as in the new square foot gardening book.

DSC08998 - Copy

I don’t know what these lovely flowers are, but I’m glad they are growing so nicely. I planted some wildflower seeds here and so I will eventually find out what they are.

DSC08999 - Copy

Potato plants popping up nicely through the straw.


Meadow Sage is a winner!


Love the tulips !





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