what to do today –

walk bored dog, paint ugly cabinet, work on porch greenhouse

I found the plastic that goes over the greenhouse shelves thing, so hopefully things will grow out there; I’d like to grow greens all year long and maybe it’s possible.

Also want to go to store to buy a couple things for my self watering containers and hopefully buy seed potatoes. I think they should be planted around St. Pat’s day and that’s just around the corner.

My dear husband built this cabinet/shelves thing for my craft and sewing but I really don’t like that blue color on it, so I will paint it a more brown color.

The bottom picture is from 18 years ago when dear daughter was 2 and dear son 4; http://www.lizraelupdate.com blog always reminds me so much of my children when they were young – Angela taking off on a run on the path 🙂

I also need to clean the upstairs today



p.s.  I did get a couple things done today – not all mentioned above. I cleaned out a couple 32 qal. containers for self-watering containers and found some seeds to plant. I painted the drawers in the shelf thing and put on the plastic thing over the thing. also did laundry, read book, ate, blah blah blah



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