another week

another week under way and happy Valentines Day!
a day to treasure
a day to seek
a day to work
a day to contemplate
dear daughter back to work after 2 days off.
now the count is 4 weeks and 4 days
and she will be off into the wild blue yonder.

this picture is of the area in KS I grew up in.
I’ve been studying metaphors. I didn’t really remember what they were
but it came up in the Divine Plumbline class I am reviewing since I took
the class a year ago. I am attempting to teach it to the assisted living
group we visit each Sunday. One man didn’t understand how the Bible used
the word “heart” so much. In my research I’ve found that the ancient
Hebrews viewed the heart a bit differently than we do today.
This info is from David Steinberg

Biblical Hebrew sees the heart as the total personality, the inner self – what it means to be human plus the intellect and rational thought. Also memory, emotions, desire, will, determination and courage.

here’s my picture


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