rocks again

Yesterday I sent off a couple of rocks to my son and his girlfriend. Her b-day is coming up and his is in March, plus Valentines day – so a gift is in order. She gets the lady bug magnet and he of course gets the dog, whose expression reminds me of dear son : )
You can notice the boxes I made out of wallpaper sample sheets I’ve had for probably over a decade. These will work well for the rocks ! !

I finished a few other rocks and want to finish the rest (about 9 or 10) before I put the mess away to work on starting seedlings.

p.s. I am so very addicted to the computer and that thing called fb today. I baked this sourdough bread using the longer method of 12-16 hours on the counter, then form it the way you want it and refrigerate it 8-12 hours, then bake at 430 F. 20 minutes with a pan of water on lower rack, then at 400 F. for 15 minutes. Then take bread out of pan and put in oven 5-10 minutes. It turns out delish, actuallyl.

One more thing today before sleep time. I’m finishing up this bunch of rocks. Here is the back of the igloo rock. I like this colorful bear!

I may as well post the front also:


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