my version of the ugly quilt

beautiful day yesterday and today

I’ve made several ugly quilts for the homeless. The one I made yesterday was pretty easy. I have pictures, but first the sunrise.

I sewed an old curtain onto an old sheet to make a cover for the comforter. The comforter had a really flimsy material so that’s why I made the cover.

After I got the cover over the comforter, I tied it with white yarn and sewed some neckties on the bottom in 2 places and made a few more ties if they want to use it for a sleeping bag.

What the inside looks like and then how it looks folded over and then rolled up. The first was too big for the bag I had for it so I folded it over again.

We now have daffodils coming up.

My 6′ long table that folds up like a suitcase came today. Do ya think this would work to sell at a farmer’s market? Feb. 16 I’ll go to a meeting to see if I can sell on Wednesdays 2-6 p.m.

quilt sizes
I bought this quilt I liked (at a thrift store of course 🙂
It’s way too big for a Queen size bed. I offered it to my friend, but she can’t use it. I believe according to this chart (see link) I will cut off 18 inches from the long edge and it should work.

I finished the quilt – not so sure I like it so much, but maybe it’ll be okay. Also bought a seed starter thing at big lots today for $30. I was going to try to make one or have husband make one, but this is soooo much quicker. We’ll need to get some lights to hang with an S hook. It also has the greenhouse plastic cover and can be put outside.

p.s. I decided I didn’t like the brown flowered quilt, so I made a bag for it from what I cut off to use in the rec room. If that doesn’t work I’ll take it to the homeless.


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