gourds, garlic chive and FB

I am doing without facebook the whole month of September. It isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. Facebook is like my garlic chive in the picture below.

I read that garlic chive needs to be thinned out. This has been growing here at least 5 years and has not been thinned out. I’m thinking I will dig about a foot of it all the way across and put in some other things like coneflowers and plant some marigolds in the spring. Facebook is like these garlic chives. They are crowding out everything else. FB needs to be somewhere near the bottom of the list but it keeps climbing to the top, demanding more and more attention. It has been good to be off these days. My eyes are less strained, my mind is more calm and I have more time and mental energy for other things needing to get done : ) ! ! !

I thinned them out and found a couple coneflowers and chive to plant. Looking forward to next spring and lots of coneflowers hopefully and some lovely chive plants. I took a picture of it, but can’t find it now : (

My husband took a few pictures today of animals and a hawk right in the middle of the city.

Last but not least, some pictures of my gourds which, with the cooler weather and rain are beginning to grow. I saw the two little fuzzy gourds and told my daughter they are like little fuzzy koala bears. She told that to her friend and her friend says she loves me. Anyway, here are the gourds.


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