dow handle casserole carrier and scrubbies

My aunt had one of these she bought somewhere.

from homesteadingtoday

All you do to make it is,
Cut 4 pieces of fabric 11″x30″

Quilt 2 pieces together, make two of these.

Bind around one piece

On the other piece cut out a half circle on the narrow ends, that is for the handles, then bind the long sides and around the handle cut outs,

Then turn down enough to put the dowel rod in.

Lay the two parts together, forming a plus sign, stitch 3 lines of stitching to sew the two parts together, leaving the 4th side open to insert a sturdy square of wood or other material to give a firm base

Sew velcro on edges of inner parts that fold over to contain casserole.

The dowel rods and wood base can be taken out to wash the carrier.

kitchen towel casserole carrier from eHow

another one with good directions

12 casserole carriers!!


Scrubbies directions
Feb. 23, 2006
Here is the directions for crocheting the scrubbies. Scrubbies

l yd. nylon netting Cut into 2″ STRIPS (6 STRIPS= 1 Scrubbie
Crochet hook J or K.

Chain 3 or 4 stitches, go back to lst stitch and do 2 single crochet (SC) sts. in each hole (makes a circle). Do 2 strips in this pattern: 3, 4, and 5, strips, SC in each hole (turn) strip decrease by SC in every other hole. Pull the end in.

Suggestions: To cut – fold netting lengthwise, use a piece of cardboard; cut 2″ wide for a guide. Use spring type clothes pins to hold the netting while cutting strips. Cut 6 strips then put a rubber band around them.

While I was in a doctor’s office waiting for someone, I crocheted three scrubbies and started on the fourth.

I have 25 scrubbies made for the MCC-Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale in March.

Knit a scrubbie from cotton yarn and tulle: Cast on 14 sts and knit until you produce a square (3″ x 3″).


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