I’ve had a can-o-worms for at least 5 years and never got the precious vermicompost out to use it. Today I put the first layer in different containers. Below are ways to use it.

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Using vermicompost
Use like compost — dig it lightly into the topsoil around your plants. In composting growing beds or preparing new beds, vermicompost generally goes about twice as far as ordinary (aerobic) compost, so use half as much. But each garden is different (and so is each gardener!) — some people have good results simply dumping large amounts of the stuff on top of their beds (6″ a year in one case), others with very little.

Vermicompost gives seedlings a really good start in life.

In pots and containers, don’t use pure vermicompost. About 25% of the growing mixture seems to be about ideal, but experiment — it might vary according to what you mix it with.

You can also use vermicompost to make “compost tea” liquid fertilizer. Mix two tablespoons of vermicompost with a litre of water and let it stand for a day, shaking it occasionally, then sprinkle under the plants. One-litre drinking water bottles make good sprinklers: drill a few small-diameter holes in the lid, point and squeeze.

For transplants, especially bare-root transplants, spray them with an even more dilute solution of “tea”, or stand them in it for awhile — it’ll help to prevent transplant shock. (Liquid seaweed solution is excellent for this.)

Don’t let the vermicompost dry out before using it — it loses a lot of its value and resists wetting. If you store it, don’t use an airtight container. It will keep for a year or more.

See Vermicomposting resources for more information.

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