how to make herbal ice tea

1 Bring to a boil a pot of cool water. You need more water than the amount of tea you’re making. If you’re using a glass pitcher to hold your tea, boil 50 percent more water than the pitcher can hold.

2 Rinse your pitcher with the extra boiling water. This ensures that the pitcher is clean and there’s no leftover residue that can affect the flavor of the herbal tea.

3 Add 2 tbsp. of dried herbs or 3 tbsp. fresh herbs for every cup of water. This tastes a bit stronger as a hot tea, but it’s perfect once the ice melts in your glass.

4 Steep the herbal tea covered for approximately 5 minutes. Taste it every couple of minutes until you get the desired flavor. Remember, it’s right when it’s slightly too strong because the melted ice weakens the flavor.

5 Strain the herbs from the water when you reach the desired strength for your tea. You can add citrus juices, honey or sugar to sweeten it. Cool your herbal tea in the refrigerator and add ice.

from ehow


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