to market to market

t-shirt market bag
1-minute market bag
35+market bags to sew
sourdough blueberry muffins
blackberry sourdough muffins
oatmeal carob cookies
dump cookies

I am going to pay for a month of vender fees for our local farmer market so am looking into things I can sell. I love making bags, so I’ll start there. I’d also like to sell tomatoes, hopefully squash, herbs and fresh cut flowers. If these 4 weeks go well maybe I could do more the next year.

I remembered I could make soap to sell at Market. I love my homemade lye soap, but it doesn’t get used up too fast since only I like to use it. Miller’s homemade soap has lots of info plus links to others who make it! : )

Here are some pics of the same bar of soap I made a few years ago but is still perfectly fine to use. It weighs 3.5 oz. I think I read to try to make them at least 4 oz. but will have to check on that.


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