polka dot walls

I’m painting our bathroom a very light blue which seems rather boring. I was looking into faux and pronounced it the way it looks; (the man at Lowe’s said, “Oh, that’s foe.” Wikianswers says, “Pronounce it as you would FO, or Bow with F instead of B.”)

Anyway, much too complicated; then I decided polka dots would be fun since I have a fish on the wall for decoration. I found a couple examples on www. source

Now, this last one is decals you just put on, but I know they are pricy, so I’m thinking to paint them. We’ll see how it goes : )

Oodles of directions to be found on how to paint dots on wall, but the following two links are adequate.
use plates and acrylic paints

This is the idea, but probably not so many dots and not sure about what colors either.

28th – I read flat paint should be used for the base coat if you want to paint polka dots, so now I’m thinking I’ll buy some dots to put on. Some Korean students are staying with us a few days for the OneThing conference. They are lovely, friendly and helpful. They finished this fish puzzle yesterday. I took it apart to give to assisted living people tomorrow when I go to play dominoes. They don’t waste time putting them together either. Also, some pics of the bathroom I’m in process of painting. I thought I’d put some dots on the wall around the fish thing I made lots of years ago.

finished bathroom


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