sad story – Christians drinking alcohol – should they?

I don’t really respect Christians who drink alcohol. True, many have stopped drinking it and have lived to be thankful they did, such as this man.

should Christians drink winecoolers? John MacArthur’s opinion. I don’t agree with all MacArthur’s convictions, but I believe he is right on concerning Christians drining alcohol. I disagree with him concerning speaking in tongues. See this video which explains science and speaking in tongues.

Seven GOOD Reasons Christians Should Not Drink

Personally, I see no need for it and never have. I agree with this video. It says getting used to the taste of beer would be similar to getting used to the taste of urine. Well, plus that, it stinks too.

This is my decision and thankfully my husband’s too. I want to do things to be involved in God’s work and serve others. How would drinking be beneficial to me? Can’t think of any ways.


“Beer belongs,” the brewer tells us,
Beer belongs? Yes, let us see
All that flaunted beer belongs to:
Beer belongs to tragedy –
Beer belongs to drunken driving.
Beer belongs to highway wrecks –
Bodies bruised and maimed and bleeding –
Broken arms and legs and necks.

Beer belongs to family quarrels –
Hatred, infidelity.
Beer belongs to childhood blighted.
Doomed to insecurity.
Beer makes dad queer and foolish –
Beer makes mother silly too.
Children ask why should folks drink it?
“Beer belongs!” That’s why they do!

Beer belongs to rape and murder –
Bestial crime of every sort,
Beer belongs to jail and prison –
Beer belongs to crowded court.
Beer belongs to cheapened morals –
Stolen virtue – loath disease,
Heartaches, tears, remorse and sorrow –
Beer belongs to all of these.

Beer belongs to wealth – made brewers,
Caring not for God or man!
Beer belongs to filthy taverns
Breaking every legal ban!
Beer belongs to gross corruption –
Beer belongs to bribe and threat –
Beer belongs to all that’s sordid!
Truly “Beer belongs” and yet –

If our land to beer surrenders –
Nor forsakes the flowing bowl –
Nor condemns its power to ruin
Human mind and heart and soul –
Never shall we come to greatness!
Ne’er our destiny fulfill!
Beer destroys the strongest nation!


(from Pilgrim Tract Society)

I am free -YAY!


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