dress of the day/cultured or baked beets and green beans

Whew, kinda hot here in the month of August; high humidity.

I made 1 dress today – put a skirt on a little girl’s shirt. It looks a little strange, but hopefully will be useful to someone someday.


I bought some beets at Farmers Market this morning. Am going to try this recipe tonight.

Cultured Beets

10 medium or 3 large beets, cooked, skins removed, chopped

3/4 c. water

1 of following: 1) 2-3 tsp. salt and 1/4 c. whey 2) 1 T salt, 3) starter – Caldwells – read their directions.

Put beets in jar and pour liquid over. Should be submerged. Ferment 3-10 days. Makes 1 quart.

This recipe came from here http://www.culturesforhealth.com/naturally-cultured-fermented-beets-recipe



Instead of doing that with these particular beets, I believe I will make this recipe: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/roasted-green-beans-with-beets-feta-and-walnuts/



3 more dresses, an elephant and a doll

Today was a sewing day after we visited Grandma and took a walk down by the river.

Some pics of that too :)


Great view of the coal cars.

The big muddy MO


Dress #1


Dress #2


Dress #3 – T-shirt dress turned out pretty cute in my opinion.


The elephant was okay, but time consuming.



Same with the doll – time consuming; I couldn’t decide on which picture to post, so I’m posting them all.

I thought she needed something around the neck.


recent woes

Lots of people have problems. Here are a couple of my recent ones. In 21 years of living in this big house, we haven’t had mice; however since the old garage door was replaced with a new one, mice have come in. Not fun! So far 6 have been found in the old basement sink and unable to crawl out of it. I don’t like to kill, so I just get them in a jar and take them to the end of our back yard and toss them. Hopefully an owl or something will get them. bbbvbvbvbv

Also, I spilled kefir this morning. I had been pronouncing it wrong, with a long e sound, but here  are some words that rhyme with it:

Rhymes with KEFIR

t-shirt dress, etc

Today I made a T-shirt dress and a pillowcase dress. Of course, cherries are always fun to eat while sewing!

Photo-1108 Photo-1110

Photo-1109I also finished this pillow today. I bought the square quilted top at a thrift store and added the border. The back is split to insert the pillow, which I made with flannel and stuffed it with filling. Maybe a Christmas present for someone. pillow